Afro-descendant Women's International Day

From CIM Burkina, we join today in the celebration of the 25th of July, Afro-descendant Women's international day (also known as the International Day of Afro-descendant women of Latin America, the Caribbean and the Diaspora).
The first meeting of Afro-descendant Women of Latin America and the Caribbean was held on 25 July 1992 in the Dominican Republic, and 400 women from 32 countries of the continent participated in it. They gathered together with the goal of giving visibility to the fights and resistances of Afro-descendant women, and of analysing the significant legacy of racism, patriarchy and inequality in the region. Among the final resolutions of the meeting, a series of actions were proposed in an attempts to tackle the issues of racism and patriarchy against afro-descendant women, and, at the same time, to honour all the women of African descent who fought for a world without injustice and inequality.
Twenty-nine years later, the fight of Afro-descendant women is still relevant, and their quest to eliminate any type of ethnic-racial and gender structural discrimination.

Vingt-neuf ans après cette réunion, le combat des femmes d'ascendance africaine est toujours d'actualité, et leur quête pour l'élimination de toute forme de discrimination structurelle ethno-raciale et de genre.


Revista Crisis; Día Internacional de la Mujer Afrodescendiente (International Afro-descendant Women’s Day)