Support to Afghan's women

CIM Burkina supports the campaign to collect signatures "Open the doors to Afghanistan and Afghan women" in a unanimous cry of sorority, empathy, and solidarity.

The text calls for Afghanistan's borders to be kept open so that all those who want to leave the country can do so, especially women who, simply because they are women, "suffer an intolerable and additional cruelty to that suffered by all Afghans of all status".

After this first point that demands that the Taliban government keep the borders open, the communiqué calls for the "respect for the elementary duties of solidarity and human compassion by admitting onboard flights and convoys for the repatriation of foreigners as many Afghans as possible, especially female Afghans in imminent danger, wether or not they worked or not in the service of states or institutions that the Taliban consider enemies".

The third part refers to "women at particular risk, wether because they have carried out professional tasks forbidden by the Taliban, attended schools and universities, conducted their lives outside of fanatical morality or for any other reasons".

Here is the link to the campaign.