The 3rd Phase of the Project CMF (Campaign 2021-2022)

The 3rd Phase of the Project CMF (Campaign 2021-2022)

Improving the agricultural production of organic tiger nut through the empowerment of women tiger nut farmers and the use of appropriate methodologies in Western Burkina Faso. Towards food sovereignty.

The third phase of the project started in July 2021 with the preparation of the cultivation plots and meetings with the producer families. After the purchase of organic fertilizers and seeds, the planting process began in August. The families are currently immersed in the process of harvesting the tiger nuts.

In this third phase, it is hoped to consolidate the cooperative's sustainability and improve the means of production in order to achieve an increase in the mechanization of the work and an improvement in the yield of the cultivated land.

Another of the fundamental pillars of this third phase is to continue promoting the education and training of women farmers. In this sense, various training sessions have been held, among them on the production of organic pesticides, organic farming, health and safety at work, and internal management and control.

From CIM Burkina we follow up on the CMF project with ASFES and its team on a daily basis. The CIM Burkina team is investing a great deal of work in this project, the scale of which exceeds any of those implemented so far, with the consequent responsibility in view of the heavy investment of public money in it.

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