4rt Phase of the Project CMF (Campaing 2022-2023)

4rt Phase of the Project CMF (Campaign 2022-2023)

4th Phase 4: Project CMF (Campaign 2022-2023)

Improvement of the agricultural production of organic tiger nuts through powering of women cultivators of tiger nuts and the use of appropriate methods in the west of Burkina Faso. Walking to the food sovereignty  

Afterward the 3rd phase of this successful project, and in the middle of this country every time weaker, because of the increasing insecurity of terrorism and 2 million internally displaced people, during this year of marked political instability with 2 coups, the Cooperative Mousso Faso of women, producers of tiger nuts continues steadily, working daily with a big effort to improve the conditions of theirs lives, producers.      

The 4th phase of this project began in July 2022 and continues working. They are cultivating ecologically some 30 hectares of land and they hope that the production double the latest campaign.

During this 4th phase, this cooperative has 684 women and 25 men. On one hand, the team of CMF keeps working to receive adequate training that it is renovating every year, and on the other hand to cultivate organically and security in working, health and hygiene, producing biological pesticides, etc… This Cooperative keeps working and professionalizing the processes of management, quality, and internal control. The process of certificating these organic cultivates keeps this course through internal audits by the team of certifications of Ecocert.    

During the last few months, they keep working on the implementation of a tank of water by installing solar panels to facilitate the water for these families of the Cooperative and the people. All that added to the list of infrastructures built in previous phases of the collaboration of CIM Burkina, such as a warehouse, the shelter for the tools, one well water near the fields and another near the warehouse, the acquisition of a led machine to prepare the BIO pesticides, the acquisition of a moto to move the team of CMF along the fields and a trimotor to carry the tiger nuts, and the different teams and materials, too. The Health Center and the local motherhood have been helped, renovating the material of consultations and special furniture for them (stretchers, birthing beds, desks, etc...).

From the CIM Burkina, we keep the support to this project coordinated with the responsible of ASFES (our local partner that shares this project) and CMF, offering our support on the internal management, budgets, cost controls, going on these activities, etc… We are calling both teams, we keep always looking for improvement and new ways of support the women of CMF and their families through their necessities detected.       

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