ASFES is the acronym of: "Association Solidaire des Femmes et les Enfants au Sahel" (Solidarity Association for Women and Children in the Sahel).

ASFES founded in December 1992, and at CIM Burkina, we have been working with them since our creation, and even before that at a personal level for some of the founding members.

ASFES pursues the following goals:

- Work to raise awareness among the population of its situation;
- Work to make things change for the most disadvantaged, particularly women and children;
- Strengthen international collaboration;
- Look for alternative and sustainable models of development;
- Directly support public schools in terms of teaching materials.

ASFES's area of activity embraces mainly the borough of Arbollé, the Province of Passoré, the north part of Burkina Faso: