Board of Directors

President: Llanos Rodríguez
Vice-president: Amparo Sepulcre
Secretary: Caridad Fernández
Treasurer: Elena García
Spokepersons: Caridad Fernández, María Noel Márquez , Palmira Ruiz, Adela Real, Maite Larena, David Manuel López, Juan Bosco Climent and Xavier Climent.


VAT number: G98456684​

Register of Valencian Community associations: CV-01-049994-V
Registered in the Valencian Community Register of International Cooperation Agents for Development since 01/03/2016
Registered in the AECID Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation) since 06/03/2017
Declared of Public Interest on 26/11/2017
Member of the CVONGD (Valencian NGOs coordinator) since 03/11/2016
Member of the Municipal Council since its creation on 24/11/2016
Member of the PIE (Spain Intercultural Platform) since 15/01/2018
Member of CESÁfrica (Coordinator of Solidarity Entities with Africa) since 22/06/2019