Guiding Principles

Our Principles:

  • Involvement: CIM Burkina is actively involved in improving education in the schools of Gaoua and Arbollé departments in particular, and in other schools of the country in general, by establishing its collaboration commitment, through the training and the empowerment of women on all fronts.
  • Participation: we opt for a full participation of the local population, who is the one who makes a diagnosis of its needs and carries out the work of implementing the projetcs, our role being that of collaboration and supply without taking a leading role.
  • Respect: one of the pillars of CIM Burkina is respect for people and for different beliefs, both cultural and religious.
  • Austerity: CIM Burkina doesn't have any infrastructural, travelling, per diems, nor intermediaries expenses. On-site travels are financed by the travellers from their own pocket, which means that the funds raised, regardless of their source, are fully dedicated to carrying forward the projects.
  • Solidarity: our actions are aimed at fostering the collaboration with boys and girls, and women, as they are the most disadvantaged groups of people.
  • ​Equality: we highlight our actions for equal opportunities and for development through a constant work in this sense, establishing gender equality as a priority as a fundamental right.
  • Transparency: we have different communication channels to keep informing about our activities and to be able to inform anyone who would want to know more about us. By the same token, our statutes, accounts, and annual reports are published in our website.
  • Openess: we are open to any new proposal for action and collaboration of anyone who is interested in this work.
  • Culture of Peace: peace is much more than the mere absence of war. To talk about PEACE, in capital letters, is to talk about equal opportunities for all people; respect for freedoms and rights; solidarity and cooperation between all people in order to create a world of shared welfare and social justice. We believe that education is the way for all this. Education, in short, promotes values, attitudes and behaviours that reject violence and prevent conflicts.
  • Environmental responsibility: we align our activities so that they take into account the best environmental practices or involve a cleaner and more respectful production with the environment, considering its care as an essential and transversal element in all our projects.