Our objectives:

  1. The schooling of girls and boys in Burkina Faso, particularly in rural areas.
  2. To financially support projects that promote the integral development of children and/or women in West Africa in general, and in Burkina Faso in particular, especially related to education and development.
  3. To promote actions of any kind (educational, health, sport, etc.) that contribute to the integral develoment of children and/or women in Sub-Saharan Africa in general and in Burkina Faso in particular.
  4. To raise awareness about the situation of children and women in general, and in Burkina Faso in particular.
  5. The fight against poverty.


And to reach these objectives, we set the following means:

  • Establishment of school grants, guaranteeing school fees for the whole school year for boys and girls without resources.
  • Establishment of scholarships, in literacy and vocational training, for young women who have dropped out of school or who do not attend school.
  • Financial support to women for the implementation of activities that generate profits that can guarantee their empowerment by fostering their independence, as well as their social, cultural and professional development.
  • Support in the fight against horrendous practices for health and/or the welfare of women, such as female genital mutilation, arranged and/or underage marriages, unwanted pregnancies, particularly at school age, and any other type of discrimination and/or violence against women.
  • Improvement of the schools infrastructure (equipment, supplies, etc.) and support for their good-functionning. This includes the implementation of wells and toilets as a fundamental axis.
  • Implementation of school gardens to prevent school dropout due to hunger, as well as to provide an additional training in horticulture to the pupils. Some profit can also be made from the selling of surpluses at the market.
  • Due attention to school health, especially in severe cases of students receiving scholarships from CIM Burkina, as well as provision of first-aid kits in schools.
  • Carrying out events to promote our projects, as well as to raise awareness (education for development), such as lectures in schools, high-schools and colleges, attendance at different fairs or events of social and cultural nature, sometimes alone, sometimes accompanied by friendly associations from the world of cooperation and/or immigration, and of any social nature in general.