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CIM Burkina (Collaboration with Children and Women in Burkina Faso) is a private non-profit organization, plural and independent, that do not have religious nor political affiliations. It was created at the initiative of a group of people, mainly women, some of whom have been commuting to Burkina Faso since 2005. Since then, we have been "caught" by the reality of a country that seduces and bewitches at the same time.

CIM Burkina was born officially in 2012, and as it is stated in our statutes, we focus on projects related to children and women development, in Burkina Faso in particular, and in Sub-Saharan Africa in general.

Our main goal is for destitute girls and boys to have access to education through the endowment of school grants, as well as any type of collaboration related to the improvement of teaching at all levels (school gardens, school facilities, wells, school health, sanitation, etc.).

We work with the conviction that education is the key to a complete development of the human being, by fostering the creation of critical minds that would shape free and free-thinking people. We firmly believe that illiteracy and the lack of culture are the breeding ground and the sources of the triumph of manipulation and of the unpunished abuse of corrupted governments.

We believe that education is a fundamental right of all people and a key factor to the conquest of Human Rights, the consolidation of democracy at all levels and to human and social progress.

We believe in education as an irreplaceable way for all people to take responsibility for our integral development, and as an indispensable element for establishing relationships of respect and equity in all respects, creating an inclusive, participatory, and supportive model that fosters a culture of peace and cooperation.

Moreover, we operate for and by the entrepreneurship and empowerment of women as en engine for development and social justice. Despite the fact that African women are key players in every aspect of the social, economic, and cultural reality of their countries, their participation in development has remained largely invisible and their rights are barely recognized in various legal and/or social sectors.


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VAT number: G98456684​

Register of Valencian Community associations: CV-01-049994-V
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Registered in the AECID Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation) since 06/03/2017
Declared of Public Interest on 26/11/2017
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Member of the PIE (Spain Intercultural Platform) since 15/01/2018
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