2019 - 2023

Improving the agricultural production of organic tiger nuts through the empowerment of women farmers and the use of appropriate methodologies in Western Burkina Faso. Towards food sovereignty.


At CIM Burkina we provide small microcredits, especially to women, to enable them to carry out entrepreneurial tasks and start small profit-generating activities. In this way, with little effort and with small installments, they can support themselves ...           

Junio 2023

One more year we have supported the celebration of a small festival in Gaoua, Burkina Faso, in which the little people have expressed, with their own means, their yearnings for peace in their country and have claimed education as a weapon of mass construction. These children ...


Repair of latrines at Gaoua Centre A and B schools in Gaoua for the improvement of school and community health, improvement of education, improvement of privacy conditions and improvement of the environment...


Course 2022-2023

 From CIM Burkina we provide scholarships to students of different educational cycles to try to avoid school dropouts due to lack of financial means. The management of the scholarships is carried out by our local partners in most cases...                     


Construction of four latrines for the pupils of the Youmpi school in Gaoua to improve school and community health, improve education, improve privacy and improve the environment..