Proyectos En ejecución


This project to support women's resilience aims at implementing a well, a mill and a storehouse (plus the reinforcement of women's training) for the vegetable patch they work in, which will increase the potential for rural development.

Curso 2021 - 2020

At CIM Burkina, we provide grants to students of different education cycles to try to prevent school drop-outs due to the lack of economic means. The management of the scholarships is carried out by our local counterparts in most cases...

2021 - 2019

Improvement of the agricultural production of organic tiger nut through the empowerment of female farmers and the use of appropriate methodologies in Kimpi (Burkina Faso). Moving forward food sovereignty...

2021 - 2019

We are dedicating resources to support the project of the APFG (Association Pour la Promotion Féminine à Gaoua) based on raising awareness of this dire praxis in rural areas of the Gaoua region.